John and Linda Chupp say Goodbye to loose Shingles

John and Linda Chupp say Goodbye to loose Shingles

Weaver Metals would like to congratulate John and Linda Chupp on the installation of their new roofing by Weaver Metals. The Premium Metal Shingles were installed by Holmes Premier Construction which are located in the Berlin area. Holmes Premier did a great job said John Chupp, they installed the roof and also did some other work, like installing a new deck and really did a great job all the way around.yun00179

I asked John what he does for his occupation, and he informed me that among other things he hauls local made furniture long distance, and Linda is a head cook for the East Holmes School District. “I spend a lot of time on the road” John said, “and it really gives me a peace of mind to know that the roof on my home is something that I dont need to worry about. I was constantly needing to climb up on the roof and use caulking to seal loose asphalt shingles. Sometimes I would find broken shingles that had come loose and blown off the roof and ended up in the yard, I would then need to take caulking and try to get the broken shingles to adhere to the roof”. It really was a constant battle to keep shingles on the roof with where the home is located.

I asked John what he thought about the cost of the Weaver Metal Shingles in comparison to Asphalt Shingles, “I really did not think that it was that bad if you compare the lifespans of the two products. We are planning to stay in this house for a long time, and to know that this is the last roof that I will need to buy is really a great feeling”. John also told me that he also was glad that he could tell people that the Metal Shingles and also the installers were from the local area, “I really like  to use local business’s whenever I can, It just feels good to be supporting the local area business’s.yun00197

Weaver Metals enjoyed working with John and Linda and also Holmes Premier Construction and wish them both the best in the future. You can find more information about Holmes Premier Construction at their website