When it was time to design the trims that would be used with your Weaver Shingle roof, we had several goals in mind. First of all we wanted to keep the authentic appearance of the roof. We also were concerned about weather tightness, and how easy the trims would be to install.

Our easy to use accessories and trims, ensure that your roof will be done right the first time, and will remain leak free for the life of your shingles. Any questions that you might have, can be easily answered by our knowledgeable sales team.

007 Counter Flash
308 Weaver Ridge Base with vent
506 Valley Cleat
Ridge Hip Shingle
107 Weaver Drip Edge
308 Weaver Ridge Base with Vent
507 WL Dam 20
210 Weaver Retro Gable
406 Weaver Wall Flash
510 Weaver Transition
308 Weaver Ridge Base with Foam
407 Weaver Headwall
511 Valley