Metal Shingles, What is the True Cost

Metal Shingles, What is the True Cost

What is the true cost of Metal Shingles, and how does it compare to asphalt shingles? That is a question that I hope to clarify. When it comes to making a major purchase, the tendency is to only base our purchase decision on the price of the item. Sometimes this can be OK, but often it leads to making a decision that will cost us far more in the future.

The average cost of replacing your roof with a dimensional asphalt shingle is around $260.00 per square. This would equate to $7,800.00 for the average ranch home. The frustrating part is knowing that in 20-25 years those very shingles will end up in a landfill.  In a 60 year span this home will need to have the roofing replaced 3 times. This could very easily reach a total of $25,000.00.

The average cost of installing a Weaver Metal Shingle roof will be around $500.00 per square. This equates to $15,000.00 for the average ranch home. This Weaver Metal Shingle roof will have no problem in lasting 60 years, and will do so for the total cost of the original purchase.   ( $15,000.00 )wm-lndscphous

Another factor to consider is the energy saving of a energy star metal in comparison to asphalt shingles. This fact alone would provide a substantial savings over a 60 year period. Some recent study’s have shown a average potential savings of $300.00 per year, equaling $18,000.00 in 60 years. An additional fact to consider is the increase of value that your home will have with a Weaver Metal Roof. If you ever sell your home, the buyer will have peace of mind knowing that the roofing is the last thing that he needs to be concerned about.

In the 60 year example that we laid out, here is the true total Cost of the two roofing systems

Asphalt Roofing–$25,000.00

Metal Roofing–$ -3,000.00 ( a Total Savings of $28,000.00 )

What is the True Cost of Metal Shingles?  You can’t afford NOT to buy a Weaver Metal Shingle Roof.

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